Looking for a better investment rate to help build your hard earned income?


Introducing an investment product, that provides investors with a better return – a proven track record of performance and offering a choice of capital stable and reliable income


48 hour

3.20% p.a.

var after fees


1 Year

5.20% p.a.

var after fees


4 Year

7.00% p.a.

var after fees


The Classic 48 hour Account

Invests in mortgage assets,

Australian cash and other credit instruments. Offering competitive variable rates of return, monthly interest payments and access to

funds generally within 2 business days of written withdrawal notice.


The 12 Month Term Account

has been judged Australia’s Best of the Best by Money magazine, for 8 consecutive years. It aims to provide reliable monthly income at a strong premium to cash, with a high level of capital stability.

The 4 year High Yield

Investment Account offers

a diverse range of investment

opportunities for experienced

investors over a longer duration. The High Yield Investment Account is an investment where you are

provided with the key details of

the investment and security for



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Disclaimers: The rates of return from the Fund are not guaranteed and are determined by the future revenue of the Fund and may be lower than expected. Investors risk losing some or all of their principal investment. The investment is not a bank deposit. Withdrawal rights are subject to liquidity and may be delayed or suspended. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Any rating is only one factor to be taken into account in deciding to invest.

Raoul Vernon is an Authorised Representative of La Trobe Financial Asset Management Limited ABN 27 007 332 363 & AFS Licence 222213 (La Trobe). La Trobe is the issuer and manager of the La Trobe Australian Credit Fund. It is important for you to read the Product Disclosure Statement for the Fund before you make an investment decision. You can get a copy of the PDS by calling Raoul on 03 9887 4897. You should consider carefully whether or not investing in the Fund is appropriate for you.
NO FINANCIAL PRODUCT ADVICE is given by La Trobe or its Authorised Representatives.