Any residential investment property and any income-producing commercial property, including rural properties.

No. Only if it was income-producing rural land.

Developments – no. Construction -no, but this does not preclude “off the plan” purchases so long as a completed dwelling is settled upon. Two-part land and construction contracts are not acceptable for this style of loan as the land is settled on and then ‘improved’ which is a breach of the SIS Act.

No, however business real property that is held outside your SMSF can be purchased by your SMSF using a SMSF loan.

Yes, as long as the original loan met the requirements of the SIS Act. You cannot leverage any equity as part of a refinance; however you can borrow to refinance an existing loan amount plus costs of the refinance.

Max LVR:


Rate (from):

5.6% Residential
6.99% Commercial
IO Fixed or VAR


30 years


Full Doc or Low Doc.
Regulated or non-Regulated.

Max Loan:



Purchase of an asset -
Residential 80% LVR,
Commercial 70% LVR.
Limited recourse to the property asset only.
No Construction.
No subdivision.
Income producing rural land is acceptable.
Refinance existing SMSF loans